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The new generation of ductless air source heat pumps are much more effective and efficient than those of 10-20 years ago. Many people have thought that they are only capable of heating homes in the south, well this was particularly true many years ago. However, new technology, refrigerants, and the introduction of inverter driven components and DC voltage uses on heat pumps makes it possible in Maine!

Installation of heat pumps for heating or air conditioning is a very good way to decrease the electrical usage of your home by up to half! Window style air conditioners are not only loud, cumbersome to install each year, and store but use much more energy than a new heat pump system.

Heat pumps are available in Portland Maine for use as heat sources or air conditioning. High efficiency heat pumps are capable of heating down to -14 degrees with certain types of units. Home owners in Portland Maine areas can reduce the amount of energy used by oil and gas heating during “shoulder seasons” simply by installing heat pumps! Home owners can spend much less in oil and gas to heat their homes during the October- December months, an March- May months, lessening the need for fossil fuels.

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump

Mitsubishi is top of the line quality, high efficiency, and affordable heat pumps for Portland Maine home owners!


We ONLY install products supplied by our local vendors, this allows us to keep the quality of our work high, and provide you with a warranty on all of our installed equipment. This is another way we keep our customer service to a higher standard.

High Efficiency Ductless Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

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Heat Pump Installation

A walk through of your home to determine the best heat pump and locations for your needs.
Typically a 1, 2 or 3 wall hung head (indoor unit) system takes between 5hrs and 1 full day to install.
If a contractor tells you it will only take a couple hours or less to install a new heat pump system, your not getting a quality installation!

  • Mounting and leveling the indoor head units on a bracket, drilling a hole to the exterior of home and connecting communication line, 2 insulated refrigerant lines, and a drain line to each head.indoor-air-conditioning-unit
  • Running “Line Hide” or “SlimDuct” down the exterior areas of the home to enclose and protect the refrigerant lines from weather and to make it look great! Color options are white, ivory (tan), and brown are available.outdoor-wire-air-conditioning-liner
  • Installing and leveling the mounting bracket on exterior wall or on a leg kit to mount the condensing unit or (outside unit).
  • Mounting the outdoor unit on the bracket and bolting it down to the vibration dampening mounts.outdoor-air-conditioning-unit
  • Connecting the refrigerant lines with flared fittings, communication lines, and 230v power to the outdoor unit in an organized and neat fashion.
  • Pressure testing refrigerant lines with dry nitrogen to 600lbs of pressure, for minimum 1 hour. Once completed, a vacuum pump and micron gauge are attached to the heat pump system and all contaminents and non condensable materials are cleaned from the system. This is a process that takes time, and can be as much as a few hours.outdoor-air-conditioning-wire-unit
  • Refrigerant is then introduced into the freshly installed system and a test of heating and cooling functions are done.

Once complete, a walk through with the homeowner is conducted to show how the new heat pump system operates.

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